Best Ways to Keep the Skin Safe

Skin cancer is nothing to fool around with. As we grow older, the risk of skin blemishes increases. Summer is a colorful season for us to enjoy the wonderful world. But we must pay attention to the UV damage that is caused by the sun. It’s important to take care of our skin no matter how much time we spend outside directly. Many people apply sunscreen when they go outside but they often forget to reapply it once in a while. In fact, we should apply sunscreen every two hours since sunscreen works within 2 hours. Most people just apply once before they go outside. That cannot protect you from continuous sunshine. After two hours, you will fully expose to the sun and the exposed skin will easily get sunburned. So it is necessary to take other measures to protect your skin from the sun. The following are three ways to keep your skin safe.

Eat food with sun-protective properties

Eat food with sun-protective properties that can protect against UV rays. Carotenoids are found in many fruits and vegetables as natural plant pigments, which help protect eyes and skin from the sun. Studies have shown that they also have anti-carcinogenic properties. This is good news for families who want to protect their children from the danger of UV rays, including skin cancer. Color is a good measure of the fact that certain fruits and vegetables contain carotenoids. Orange plant foods such as carrots, apricots and yams have high levels of carotenoids. But dark green leafy vegetables, such as kale and spinach also have the properties. One of the best sources of carotenoids is egg, especially egg yolk. These simple and easy-to-do foods are a good way to naturally offer sun protection for your family from the sun and its UV rays.

Wear a hat on a regular basis

The simplest and most effective sun protection clothing is the hat! The wide-brimmed sun hat can even cover your entire upper body. Since areas like the forehead, nose, neck and shoulders are the most vulnerable parts to burn, thus you must wear a hat. Many styles of these hats are considered to be specially designed for women, but you have not to worry about that. Men also have a wide variety of hats. Hats are a must-have accessory for men in the past. Nowadays, men’s hats are becoming more and more diverse, such as fedora hats, safari hats, straw hats, and bucket hats. The bucket hat is one of the most popular hats for men and women today. The style of the bucket hat has indeed changed over the years. Designers use their intelligent brains to design stylish bucket hats, which make you look cool and also effective at preventing sunburn.

Use the sun to protect yourself from UV rays

The sun itself can actually help protect you from the sun. The skin naturally releases a lot of vitamin D when we exposing to UVB rays in the sun. Vitamin D helps protect the skin from cellular damage. But remember not to expose the skin to direct sunlight. 15 minutes of exposure is enough to increase the production of vitamin D. Therefore, use a healthy way to protect ourselves from UV rays while enjoying the benefits of the sun.  

Best Bucket Hats for Men

Until the 1960s, hats were the mark of a well-dressed rich man or woman. Men usually wore hats for work, church and other occasions when they need to wear suits. Although hats are no longer a social necessity, their practical value is undeniable. They are back in fashion, because of style health reason. Modern people realize that continued exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays is very harmful, so wearing a hat is an effective way to shade you from the sun.

Bucket hats are ideal casual hats that can be packed into a bag or even be stuffed into a pocket when needed. The bucket hat is easy to clean and comfortable to wear, so it becomes the most preferred category of hats among men. The brim of the bucket hat provides shade for the face and back of the neck. Meanwhile, it keeps you stay fashionable. Men don’t usually have a good sense of judgment when it comes to accessories. Now let’s take a look at some of the best bucket hats for men. 

Washed Cotton Bucket Hat

This camouflage bucket hat comes in a variety of colors, depending on your outdoor activity. This bucket hat is made of high quality washable cotton to ensure softness and comfort of the hat. Unlike other bucket hats, this one has a deep crown and a small brim with five different colors to choose from: black, light beige, khaki, navy and dark green. You can choose a color that can reflect your personality and style. This versatile bucket hat can be worn for golfing, fishing, picnics and more.

Mayan Calendar Bucket Hat

Mayan calendar bucket hat is very different from other bucket hats. This new style of bucket hat is made of 100% polyester, which makes it flexible and hence suits for most men. The brim of the bucket hat provides perfect protection for your face and eyes. This pattern is characterized by abstract painting, which gives a striking impression. This hat is perfect for men who are radical in nature and willing to try new things.

Men’s Tactical Bucket Hat

This black bucket hat is designed for men to wear everyday. It is made of 100% polyester which is durable and packable that you can pack it into a bag or stuff it into a pocket. The material makes it sturdy and extremely strong. It can endure everything you take it through effortlessly. This bucket hat comes with a lightweight heat gear fabric which will keep your head safe and fresh at all times. The hat features a sweatband which will wick moisture away from your head and provide you with the comfort that lasts for days on end.

Outdoor Bucket Hat with Two Color Band

This bucket hat is both functional and fashionable. It comes with two color band and is made of lightweight cotton blend to keep you cool as much as possible. This foldable bucket hat is great for tour organizers, sports events and schools. You can put it into your bag or pocket when it is not needed. The size of the brim is around 3 inches which provide protection from the sun’s rays. It is very stylish and cool for men to wear.

Travel Accessories for Women

When traveling, whether for work or vacation, not every trip is pleasant. Whether search for toiletries with emptying your suitcase or waste another time looking for your passport, these little things can affect your mood during the trip. To make your trip more organized and comfortable, you need to prepare well in advance. The following essential accessories are to make your trip smooth and truly enjoyable.

Travel is good outdoors activity that we can not only appreciate the beauty of nature but also breathe the fresh air, and makes us relax. But we should also do a good sun protection during the process of travel. The easiest and best way to protect us from the sun and its harmful rays is to wear a sun-protective hat. Sun-protective hat must fit you, including the right size, style and level of protection. Whether you’re looking for a beanie or wide-brimmed hat, and the fabric with UPF rating of 50+ is the good material that offers you the best protection. Bucket hats have wide brims that can offer you the 360-degree protection from the sun, includes your face, head, ears and even your neck.

The hanging toiletry bag has four clear zippered pockets, which are big enough to hold a lot of toiletries, and you can easily see what’s inside. These pockets can hold shampoos, deodorant, lotion, face wipes, etc. You can sort things by cosmetics, shower supplies, etc., and leak-free pockets mean you don’t have to worry things will seep into other areas. You can just hang it from the back of any door for easy access to whatever you need.   

Tangled jewelry is one of the most annoying things, especially for traveling. This jewelry box fits easily into your luggage, and it can hold enough jewelry to make you wear different pieces of jewelry every day of a week-long trip. It has two enclosed compartments on each side for bracelets, necklaces or larger earrings, and a watch. There’s also a small pouch for extra pendants or other jewels, and a small mirror.  

A beautiful shawl is one of the most versatile and useful travel accessories for women. You can wear it to keep warm on chilly planes or trains, or use it to dress up your clothes. It’s warm but not too heavy. This cashmere blend is very soft and warm, and is made of breathable material and prevents itchiness. It may be a little too hot to use in hot weather places. It’s long enough that you can wrap it around your shoulders, use it as a blanket, scarf, or even fold it up into a pillow on long flights. 

This passport wallet is very practical for travelers. Except for credit cards, it can carry other small pieces of items. For example, passport, boarding pass, ID card, a little cash, key, pen, etc. Basically, it fits everything you need when you travel. The wallet is made of environmentally friendly PU leather which gives you comfortable feeling. The wallet is lightweight and won’t take up too much space of your bag.

1930s Hats for Women

Women’s hats of the 1930s were small and simple, but they looked like a work of art. Folded, molded, angled felt hat looked like a painting. The only ornament on a woman’s hat was a small belt, bow or brooch. The cloche was still very common, but what made it different is its rolled brim. In summer, women wore small straw hats or very large straw picture hats, while they often wore knitted berets, scarves and turbans, which were essential headwear for women to keep the head warm and express a woman’s fashion sense.   

In the 1920s, despite a variety of exaggerated clothing styles, hats remained conservative, and most of them were cloches. Until next decade, hats had become whimsy. During the great depression of the 1930s, hats were more hilarious than ever, combined with cheerful, quirky and feminine styles.

In the late 1920s, the brim of women’s hats began to widen to better accommodate new longer hair. In the years that followed, pleats, veils, and asymmetries quickly emerged. Hats from the early 1930s kept the style of the hats in the earlier years. They were close-fitting to the head, but their silhouettes outlined the face more elaborate.  

In the early 1930s, felt hats and lightweight straw hats were adopted the folding and piecing techniques that mimicked the structures of the bias-cut dress to some extent. The floppy sun hat fitted snug around the crown but it softened the curve of the face.  Newer cloche hats didn’t have too many decorations. Just finished the fabric and added a single solid or striped grosgrain band. The stitches at the top of the hat added interesting details, such as a small felt flower or a bow.

Elsa Schiaparelli‘s “madcap” debuted in 1930. This knitted hat can be shaped and stretched to suit each wearer’s needs. The hat was made of linen silk, wool or chenille. Knitted hats gave birth to other classic designs, including bonnets, berets, tams and turbans. The knitted crown also came with a solid felt or straw brim. This hat can be worn in spring and fall.

Berets were also popular from the 1920s, but they’ve gotten bigger and bigger over time, and they’ve got more flexible angles. The large berets had stiff visors, so they will not flop too much.

A turban, fur coat and gold-studded gloves were the typical signs of a wealthy urban woman. Women usually wore gold glittery turbans to attend parties at night. They were made of brocade, velvet, batik and metal infused crepe. In the later years, some hats took the shape of a turban and combined it with felt, straw or braid to create a hybrid turban hat. The small hats with shallow crowns were usually decorated with veils and ribbons, which can cover the eyes and add a touch of mystery to women.  

Influenced by men’s wear, fedoras, bowler hats, Panama hats and boater hats became fashionable for women. In the late 1930s, fedoras became taller and more sophisticated. Nowadays, Panama hats are still popular among fashionable men and women. Of course, there are still other hats for women, like the bucket hat, fedora hat and so on.

How to Wear a Hat with Clothes?

Wearing a hat is a great way to manage your bad hair. So, if you don’t have the time or the energy to sort out your hair, then put on a stylish hat to cover your hair. If you are going to wear a hat, there are some rules you must follow. For example, don’t wear outdoors hats at night. Fedoras should only be worn during the daytime.

Hats are one of the versatile accessories for your outfits. Keep your outfit simple to match it with a suitable hat. In addition to adding some pizzazz to an outfit, the stylish hats can give you a different look. Wearing a hat is not as difficult as you thought. What matters is not how you wear the hat, but how you match it with your outfits.

In summer, a wide brim hat is a great choice for protecting you from the sun. If you enjoy lying on the beach, you’ll need a nice sun hat to match your beachwear. It not only protects you from the sun, but also makes you look stylish. If you want to wear a hat in summer, choose a light hat both in color and weight, such as white, cream, beige and khaki.

Commonly, people like to wear straw hats in summer. Because the material of straw is light and it has good breathability that keeps your head cool. There are many different hats that you can wear in summer, which include straw hat, bucket hat, Panama hat, fedora hat, baseball cap and so on. These types come with many colors and styles.

When pairing your summer outfit with a hat, there are three things that you should remember: color, balance and proportions. During spring and summer, the light-colored hats would work well with your outfits. If your hat is neutral, you can wear neutral colors in your clothes, making sure that the hat goes well with your outfit. Or you can use contrasting colors to make your hat the highlight of the outfit.  

If you want to wear a large sun hat, try to keep your clothes to a minimum. You can wear a maxi dress to get the look simple but stylish. Or you can wear a piece of sun top with shorts, adding a wide brim hat to complete your whole look. But remember don’t let your clothes to drown you. A bucket hat is a stylish option for women in summer. It is very popular with so many people like to wear it. Bucket hats have many different styles and colors which are available for different ages of people. They are the best option for a sun hat that you need.

When it comes to the bucket hat, you might think the hat is just like a bucket. Indeed, its name comes from its resemblance to a bucket. Bucket hats are often made of durable and packable materials, such as nylon, polyester, and cotton that you can stuff them into your pocket. That makes the bucket hat different from other hats. The bucket hat can be worn with most of your clothes in summer. It is very suitable for you to wear in warm weather.

Best Sun hats for Surfing and Paddling

You may have planned some interesting activities for this summer, such as hiking, fishing, surfing, paddling and more. It is the best time to do some watersports, which will be very cool and exciting. While the summer sun still cannot be ignored, if you don’t want to get sunburned when you do these things.

If you are bald, you must protect yourself from the sun and its’ harmful UV rays, otherwise, the sun’s rays will beat down on your head. Therefore, you need a surf hat for the sun protection. Since you will spend a long time in surfing or paddling on the water, you may immerse yourself in the lakes and mountains. Wearing a surf hat is the best and the most useful way to protect you from the harsh sun and its rays.

Bucket hats are also known as fishermen’s hats, due to its original invention is to protect the Irish farmers and fishermen from the sun and the rain. The bucket hat is just like its name, it is in the similar shape to a bucket. A surf bucket hat is designed to stay on your head no matter what you encounter.

When we search on the Internet, we may notice there are rare hats for surfing or paddling. So, you can choose a bucket style hats for surfing. Here are some recommendations for you. I hope you can find the one that fits for you.

  • Surf Bucket Hat

This bucket hat is specifically designed for surfing. With its stretchy fabric and wide brim, the hat can protect you from the sun when you are waiting in the line-up for the next wave. The built-in ventilation eyelets make sure the hat won’t get wet by the sweat and keep your head breathable.

This hat has ear pads that to protect your ears from getting water in them. The fabric has a durable water repellent function, which means it is good for keeping your head off the water when you are paddling. It comes in a rating of UPF 50+ that proven its good ability to block the sun.

  • Men Surfing Bucket Hat

This bucket hat is made of soft material with waterproof functions. It has a good ability to keep in shape even it gets wet. It will dry quickly, so you don’t have to worry if it falls into the water while surfing. This bucket hat comes with a chin strap that ensures the hat stay on your head.

There are mesh panels for ventilations that to keep your head cool and dry. The hat is made of polyester which is great for sun protection and it dries quickly. The hat is designed with a semi hard brim which can stop the water smashing into your face when surfing.

  • Grey Surf Hat

This hat will keep the hair and water out of your face when paddling out into the surf. It is a great hat for girls who want to paddle. You can just blast through and keep going by wearing this hat.

The brim of the hat can flip down and up for paddling and sitting. When you catch a wave, you should flip it up.

The Nylon Bucket Hats

In fashion shows, bucket hats for men have become an item of collocation. In the last two years, the bucket hats can be seen in some major fashion designer world tours. A few big brands have adopted bucket hats to match clothes, such as Prada, Valentino, Fendi, Chanel, etc. Fendi can be said to be one of the brands who love bucket hats, from the spring and summer 2017 series until the latest 2019 spring and summer series fashion week, the bucket hat has appeared on the show. Fendi’s bucket hats are made of nylon fabric, which is firmer than traditional bucket hats, and it is light in weight. Besides, it is better in wrinkle resistance and it has a good breathability.

Nylon bucket hats are also accepted by most people. Fashion bloggers and trendsetters can often been seen wearing these bucket hats on the street. Now let’s take a look at how fashion people wear them, and then you can match it well.

Nylon bucket hats are mostly casual, for many hipsters choose one for themselves. The bucket hat can be matched with various styles of clothes. First of all, the black nylon bucket hat is very popular among young people. It can be paired with a white T-shirt, plus a military green pattern shorts, paired with a pair of sneakers, which is very sporty and characteristic. Secondly, you can wear a narrow-brim bucket hat paired with a plaid shirt. Because this narrow-brim bucket hat cannot protect your whole face so you should wear a pair of sunglasses, which is very eye-catching. Many trendy men are very fond of this combination. It is best to wear a pure white T-shirt under the plaid shirt. Plus black shorts and sneaker will enhance the feeling of relaxation and make you more comfortable. Thirdly, the bucket hat can not only be worn with casual style clothes, but also with some formal clothes, such as men’s sweaters, a blue long-sleeved shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. This outfit is also very good for office workers. It is not as formal as a uniform or a suit, and this combination breaks a dull atmosphere.

The bucket hat can not only match the casual style, but also with a normal one. With a bucket hat, your clothing may not look formal as it is. This nylon bucket hat combines with a dark blue jacket, and a yellow long-shirt under the jacket with a pair of slacks and a pair of sandals. This kind of match will be a bit strange to the average person, but this is fashion style. The outfit is very chic.

The printed bucket hat can also be paired with red clothing. This red pullover sweater with casual pants, paired with a pair of board shoes which have no feeling of strangeness. The daring people will also choose the way to mix and match; they will also match the bucket hat with business suit, to reduce the sense of seriousness of the suit and makes it more casual. A blue business suit with a bucket hat is really a bold choice. For many people, they will not dare to wear like that.

The bucket hat of nylon fabric is light and convenient to carry. The most important point is that it is not as easy to wrinkle and collapse as cotton bucket hat. The texture of nylon is neither too hard nor too soft.

The Straw Bucket Hats

Imagine you are wearing a suitable bucket hat with loose and casual clothing on a lazy weekend, to easily pose variable. Especially as a student or an office worker, if you are just forgetting to wash your hair, or getting up late, you will find that the bucket hat is also the best friend to save you at the crucial moment. With a bucket hat, it is quick to pack neatly and go out within a few minutes.

There are many materials of bucket hats, such as cotton, velvet, patent leather, denim, etc. You may have thought that the straw hat is the only one hat which is made of straw. You may not know that the material of the bucket hat is also adopted straw. In summer, the weather is getting hotter and drier, a normal hat is not enough to resist the heat of the sun. It’s not complete to travel without a straw bucket hat at that time. Fashion icons are very fond of the straw elements, so the rate of appearance of a straw hat is very high in street snaps. Wearing that hat, you may feel that you recover your original simplicity. At the same time, it also highlights the tender and elegant fair lady temperament. The wide brim of the hat especially shows your small face.

Most of the straw bucket hats are hand-woven by people. The dense lines and three-dimensional patterns are visible to the naked eye. You can feel the weight of the hat in your hand, which makes you feel that this hat is particularly textured. The golden proportion design and the size of the brim are just right with refined handicrafts so that you can keep cool at all times.

The straw bucket hat not only protects you from the sun but also you can pose as you like on it. It is easy to create a high-level, chic and modern fashion person and taking a lot of photos with this hat. Some straw bucket hats have a bowknot satin band to play a decorative role which feels very comfortable, and the decoration is full of charming temperament.

The biggest bright spot is that it is adjustable based on your size, which makes your hat fit on the head, there is no worry about falling off. It offers good sun protection against UV rays. The most common is dome top style with a slightly rolled-up brim. A small arc on the top of the hat looks more rounded and lovely. It is a photo artefact that shows the face small. The matching degree is also very high, daily summer wears can be well-matched with this bucket hat, such as the short skirts, shorts, vests and other items. If you want to change the style, wrap a ribbon around it to make the hat more romantic and elegant.

The straw bucket hat is very characteristic, fashionable and retro. This hat is very suitable for a holiday event with the country style of the hat. If you want to go to the garden or the countryside to enjoy the peace, just put on the hat and go.

Bucket Hats in Patent Leather

The bucket hat is made up of many different materials, which may play different roles. The most common materials for bucket hats are nylon, cotton, denim, velvet, and patent leather. The patent leather bucket hat comes with an eye-catching effect. The patent leather itself is very eye-catching. It is even more glorious under the sun when you are wearing a bucket hat in patent leather. It is cute and shows a person’s cool personality.

Patent leather is a kind of processing technology, which refers to lacquering on leather or poly urethane. It is characterized by bright, natural, waterproof, moisture-proof functions, moreover, it is not easy to deform but easy to clean and take care of. The glossy and sturdy leather features a strong finish, style and characteristics. The patent leather bucket hats come in a variety of colors, mostly in solid color, such as black and white, beige and so on. The patent leather is textured with smooth surface. For some girls who are couch potatoes, this bucket hat is a best choice for them. If the bucket hat is getting dirty, you just need to wipe it with a wet towel. When it comes to a patent leather bucket hat, we have rarely seen people wearing that hat. Thus, we may consider this hat is not good-looking. Actually, this hat is favored by many stars and hipsters. So let’s see how it looks good and stylish matching with clothing.

  • The red patent leather bucket hat

This black and red combination is very dazzling, giving people a sense of marked stimulation. In the fashion world, red and black are recognized as one of the most classic combinations. Black appears mysterious and classic sense, red looks joyful and unrestrained, and the two colors blend into each other. Let the joy and liveliness have feeling of calm. The red patent leather bucket hat is paired with a small black leather jacket inside with a black T-shirt, plus black patent leather pants and a pair of patent leather shoes. This combination seems to be simple and smart, and can highlight the seductively charming. With a pair of red sunglasses to enhance the handsome look of the whole person.

  • The orange-coloured leather bucket hat

The orange-red patent leather bucket hat is paired with a denim jacket. For the orange-red scheme, the better match is blue, so that the orange-red color does not look so garish, and it looks peaceful and natural with blue colored clothing. Compared to the enthusiasm of the red color, orange-red has a warm feeling of the sunshine, with blue denim is not awkward at all. The bucket hat originally is a versatile hat. It can match with denim jacket, sportswear, T-shirt, shorts and skirts and some daily wear. Therefore, this patent leather bucket hat is no exception; it is very neutral style with patent leather outfit.

  • Black patent leather bucket hat

A black outfit is also very classic collocation in fashion world. Some people may think that black is too dull and too monotonous. In fact, a black outfit is very elegant and low-key. As long as you match it well, you will like a star. The most important thing is to create a layered look with black pieces of different materials. This black bucket hat is made of patent leather, and this black shirt is pure cotton texture. Therefore, such a match is neither monotonous nor dull. On the contrary, it has a sense of high-level fashion.