The Straw Bucket Hats

Imagine you are wearing a suitable bucket hat with loose and casual clothing on a lazy weekend, to easily pose variable. Especially as a student or an office worker, if you are just forgetting to wash your hair, or getting up late, you will find that the bucket hat is also the best friend to save you at the crucial moment. With a bucket hat, it is quick to pack neatly and go out within a few minutes.

There are many materials of bucket hats, such as cotton, velvet, patent leather, denim, etc. You may have thought that the straw hat is the only one hat which is made of straw. You may not know that the material of the bucket hat is also adopted straw. In summer, the weather is getting hotter and drier, a normal hat is not enough to resist the heat of the sun. It’s not complete to travel without a straw bucket hat at that time. Fashion icons are very fond of the straw elements, so the rate of appearance of a straw hat is very high in street snaps. Wearing that hat, you may feel that you recover your original simplicity. At the same time, it also highlights the tender and elegant fair lady temperament. The wide brim of the hat especially shows your small face.

Most of the straw bucket hats are hand-woven by people. The dense lines and three-dimensional patterns are visible to the naked eye. You can feel the weight of the hat in your hand, which makes you feel that this hat is particularly textured. The golden proportion design and the size of the brim are just right with refined handicrafts so that you can keep cool at all times.

The straw bucket hat not only protects you from the sun but also you can pose as you like on it. It is easy to create a high-level, chic and modern fashion person and taking a lot of photos with this hat. Some straw bucket hats have a bowknot satin band to play a decorative role which feels very comfortable, and the decoration is full of charming temperament.

The biggest bright spot is that it is adjustable based on your size, which makes your hat fit on the head, there is no worry about falling off. It offers good sun protection against UV rays. The most common is dome top style with a slightly rolled-up brim. A small arc on the top of the hat looks more rounded and lovely. It is a photo artefact that shows the face small. The matching degree is also very high, daily summer wears can be well-matched with this bucket hat, such as the short skirts, shorts, vests and other items. If you want to change the style, wrap a ribbon around it to make the hat more romantic and elegant.

The straw bucket hat is very characteristic, fashionable and retro. This hat is very suitable for a holiday event with the country style of the hat. If you want to go to the garden or the countryside to enjoy the peace, just put on the hat and go.