Best Ways to Keep the Skin Safe

Skin cancer is nothing to fool around with. As we grow older, the risk of skin blemishes increases. Summer is a colorful season for us to enjoy the wonderful world. But we must pay attention to the UV damage that is caused by the sun. It’s important to take care of our skin no matter how much time we spend outside directly. Many people apply sunscreen when they go outside but they often forget to reapply it once in a while. In fact, we should apply sunscreen every two hours since sunscreen works within 2 hours. Most people just apply once before they go outside. That cannot protect you from continuous sunshine. After two hours, you will fully expose to the sun and the exposed skin will easily get sunburned. So it is necessary to take other measures to protect your skin from the sun. The following are three ways to keep your skin safe.

Eat food with sun-protective properties

Eat food with sun-protective properties that can protect against UV rays. Carotenoids are found in many fruits and vegetables as natural plant pigments, which help protect eyes and skin from the sun. Studies have shown that they also have anti-carcinogenic properties. This is good news for families who want to protect their children from the danger of UV rays, including skin cancer. Color is a good measure of the fact that certain fruits and vegetables contain carotenoids. Orange plant foods such as carrots, apricots and yams have high levels of carotenoids. But dark green leafy vegetables, such as kale and spinach also have the properties. One of the best sources of carotenoids is egg, especially egg yolk. These simple and easy-to-do foods are a good way to naturally offer sun protection for your family from the sun and its UV rays.

Wear a hat on a regular basis

The simplest and most effective sun protection clothing is the hat! The wide-brimmed sun hat can even cover your entire upper body. Since areas like the forehead, nose, neck and shoulders are the most vulnerable parts to burn, thus you must wear a hat. Many styles of these hats are considered to be specially designed for women, but you have not to worry about that. Men also have a wide variety of hats. Hats are a must-have accessory for men in the past. Nowadays, men’s hats are becoming more and more diverse, such as fedora hats, safari hats, straw hats, and bucket hats. The bucket hat is one of the most popular hats for men and women today. The style of the bucket hat has indeed changed over the years. Designers use their intelligent brains to design stylish bucket hats, which make you look cool and also effective at preventing sunburn.

Use the sun to protect yourself from UV rays

The sun itself can actually help protect you from the sun. The skin naturally releases a lot of vitamin D when we exposing to UVB rays in the sun. Vitamin D helps protect the skin from cellular damage. But remember not to expose the skin to direct sunlight. 15 minutes of exposure is enough to increase the production of vitamin D. Therefore, use a healthy way to protect ourselves from UV rays while enjoying the benefits of the sun.