Best Sun hats for Surfing and Paddling

You may have planned some interesting activities for this summer, such as hiking, fishing, surfing, paddling and more. It is the best time to do some watersports, which will be very cool and exciting. While the summer sun still cannot be ignored, if you don’t want to get sunburned when you do these things.

If you are bald, you must protect yourself from the sun and its’ harmful UV rays, otherwise, the sun’s rays will beat down on your head. Therefore, you need a surf hat for the sun protection. Since you will spend a long time in surfing or paddling on the water, you may immerse yourself in the lakes and mountains. Wearing a surf hat is the best and the most useful way to protect you from the harsh sun and its rays.

Bucket hats are also known as fishermen’s hats, due to its original invention is to protect the Irish farmers and fishermen from the sun and the rain. The bucket hat is just like its name, it is in the similar shape to a bucket. A surf bucket hat is designed to stay on your head no matter what you encounter.

When we search on the Internet, we may notice there are rare hats for surfing or paddling. So, you can choose a bucket style hats for surfing. Here are some recommendations for you. I hope you can find the one that fits for you.

  • Surf Bucket Hat

This bucket hat is specifically designed for surfing. With its stretchy fabric and wide brim, the hat can protect you from the sun when you are waiting in the line-up for the next wave. The built-in ventilation eyelets make sure the hat won’t get wet by the sweat and keep your head breathable.

This hat has ear pads that to protect your ears from getting water in them. The fabric has a durable water repellent function, which means it is good for keeping your head off the water when you are paddling. It comes in a rating of UPF 50+ that proven its good ability to block the sun.

  • Men Surfing Bucket Hat

This bucket hat is made of soft material with waterproof functions. It has a good ability to keep in shape even it gets wet. It will dry quickly, so you don’t have to worry if it falls into the water while surfing. This bucket hat comes with a chin strap that ensures the hat stay on your head.

There are mesh panels for ventilations that to keep your head cool and dry. The hat is made of polyester which is great for sun protection and it dries quickly. The hat is designed with a semi hard brim which can stop the water smashing into your face when surfing.

  • Grey Surf Hat

This hat will keep the hair and water out of your face when paddling out into the surf. It is a great hat for girls who want to paddle. You can just blast through and keep going by wearing this hat.

The brim of the hat can flip down and up for paddling and sitting. When you catch a wave, you should flip it up.