Bucket Hats in Patent Leather

The bucket hat is made up of many different materials, which may play different roles. The most common materials for bucket hats are nylon, cotton, denim, velvet, and patent leather. The patent leather bucket hat comes with an eye-catching effect. The patent leather itself is very eye-catching. It is even more glorious under the sun when you are wearing a bucket hat in patent leather. It is cute and shows a person’s cool personality.

Patent leather is a kind of processing technology, which refers to lacquering on leather or poly urethane. It is characterized by bright, natural, waterproof, moisture-proof functions, moreover, it is not easy to deform but easy to clean and take care of. The glossy and sturdy leather features a strong finish, style and characteristics. The patent leather bucket hats come in a variety of colors, mostly in solid color, such as black and white, beige and so on. The patent leather is textured with smooth surface. For some girls who are couch potatoes, this bucket hat is a best choice for them. If the bucket hat is getting dirty, you just need to wipe it with a wet towel. When it comes to a patent leather bucket hat, we have rarely seen people wearing that hat. Thus, we may consider this hat is not good-looking. Actually, this hat is favored by many stars and hipsters. So let’s see how it looks good and stylish matching with clothing.

  • The red patent leather bucket hat

This black and red combination is very dazzling, giving people a sense of marked stimulation. In the fashion world, red and black are recognized as one of the most classic combinations. Black appears mysterious and classic sense, red looks joyful and unrestrained, and the two colors blend into each other. Let the joy and liveliness have feeling of calm. The red patent leather bucket hat is paired with a small black leather jacket inside with a black T-shirt, plus black patent leather pants and a pair of patent leather shoes. This combination seems to be simple and smart, and can highlight the seductively charming. With a pair of red sunglasses to enhance the handsome look of the whole person.

  • The orange-coloured leather bucket hat

The orange-red patent leather bucket hat is paired with a denim jacket. For the orange-red scheme, the better match is blue, so that the orange-red color does not look so garish, and it looks peaceful and natural with blue colored clothing. Compared to the enthusiasm of the red color, orange-red has a warm feeling of the sunshine, with blue denim is not awkward at all. The bucket hat originally is a versatile hat. It can match with denim jacket, sportswear, T-shirt, shorts and skirts and some daily wear. Therefore, this patent leather bucket hat is no exception; it is very neutral style with patent leather outfit.

  • Black patent leather bucket hat

A black outfit is also very classic collocation in fashion world. Some people may think that black is too dull and too monotonous. In fact, a black outfit is very elegant and low-key. As long as you match it well, you will like a star. The most important thing is to create a layered look with black pieces of different materials. This black bucket hat is made of patent leather, and this black shirt is pure cotton texture. Therefore, such a match is neither monotonous nor dull. On the contrary, it has a sense of high-level fashion.